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White Pagans, Self-Victimization, and dispelling the culture of Christian Oppression.

I feel like there’s a lot of miscommunication that happens in the world of religious discussions, so much goes unsaid that really needs to be understood and disseminated. Christians were historically an oppressed and persecuted people at one point in the past, but today are the largest majority group and cultural influence in the WesternContinue reading “White Pagans, Self-Victimization, and dispelling the culture of Christian Oppression.”

The Gods Embrace Change

I experienced a bit of a religious crisis in 2018, anger and retributive wrath against injustice made me question whether I was even making the right choices for myself and the direction I am going for my spiritual growth. Accepting the call to worship Óðinn entails a considerable amount of growing pains. Being the godContinue reading “The Gods Embrace Change”

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