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My first experience with the gods was before I ever knew what polytheism was. I remember my first experience with Thoth when I was a child, I found his statuette in the living room, just about 8″ tall, black and gold. My mom had brought him home from a thrift sale excursion for a reason I still cannot justifiably understand. Exploring the inspiration I felt around his idol was an influence that’s continuously reverberated through my life; and I’ve felt a deep attachment to the God of the moon, poetry, learning, and science since this intersection with my life to this day.

I would dust off the statue when it got dirty, and talk to it sometimes, but I had no conceptual understanding of polytheism or revivalist efforts while so young. I could just feel something that would make me take long pauses when I walked through the living room and saw him there. Some instinctual understanding of a something that I couldn’t see, couldn’t name, and couldn’t find on my own. I’ve relentlessly pursued this feeling as I’ve slowly navigated the amorphous nature of life and existence, and developed my personal relationship to the gods and the divine.

There is always more to learn and share in the continual process of spiritual dedication, and to do so with love for the larger pagan family, is to honor the gods. It’s my prerogative to be as open and educational with my experiences developing my faith, as I wish all have the opportunity to be guided

I’m not infallible and I accept criticism, it only makes us stronger to have a greater understanding of ourselves. Use the provided email link to submit feedback or ideas you’d like to see discussed here.

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